Need blogs to follow :0

I can’t remember the majority of the ones I followed. Some of the screen names are trickling in but it may take awhile.

Anyways if you know of any blogs that post the following please let me know!

Anything 50s-90s
Body Positivity/Motivation/Self Love
DIY projects
Pretty or Healthy Foods

I’m probably going to leave this place a little blank for a bit.

Trying to create a new system for myself. I’d really like to tag motivation stuff and informative posts, etc. but I sometimes don’t know how to label things and it doesn’t feel right and may irritate me enough to just stop tagging. I wish I didn’t react to such simple things like they’re life decisions Dx

I don’t remember many of the blogs that I followed before so I don’t have much material to reblog anyways. I kinda feel like when I have a new sketchbook and new supplies but I’m hesitant to dirty the first page so I skip to the next few ones to give me time to create something worthwhile for the first page.

What happened to AprilFoolRomance?

Whoops! Accidentally deleted my own blog in the process of deleting one of my side blogs!

I wasn’t too devastated but I definitely was shocked when the realization set in. When that happened I decided it was time to see if I have dyslexia. I have a hard time concentrating and I reread constantly and sometimes even then the words are blank to me. I’ve been speculating it for some time but never looked into it cause I thought my lack of concentration came from other things.

I’ve done some research and several online tests that hint strong signs of moderate to mild dyslexia but I would like to be professionally tested rather than assuming (even though a lot more things make sense now looking into the symptoms and I would feel less dumb about some of the things I have difficulty with if I do have dyslexia).

All in all, I’m not bothered by this. It’s sad and upsetting since I’ve lost messages that I kept from people that helped me through rough times and picture and text posts of me and my husband, and other personal posts but I’ve learned early in my life how to let go of things that were important to me. I go on and I can create new memories while fondly looking back at the old. Nothing is truly lost.

It honestly reminds me of the practice of making mandalas with flowers or sand. Putting time and effort creating something symmetrical and beautiful and you can look at with pride, but knowing in the end it will have to be swept away. It’s a really good practice and it makes looking at life easier sometimes.

I have emailed Tumblr Support to see if there’s any possibility of retrieving any of my information but I’m not holding onto the idea. This is refreshing in a way since coming back from my vacation my husband and I decided on creating some lifestyle changes. Our view of living has definitely changed for the better since then.

Tumblr has basically been my online home for years now and there were several times that I wanted to start over. Considering how well I’m taking this and how happy and hopeful I am of the future, I’m taking this as a chance to start over. There were some toxic things on my Tumblr and on my dashboard so it’s like being washed over with a clean slate. It’s pretty weird having an empty dash, haha, but it’s cool.

Anyways, if anyone manages to realize I’m gone and follows back again, thank you!